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전산화단층사진술을 이용한 상악동 체적의 측정

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 Measurement of maxillary sinus volume using computed tomography 
 박창희  ;  김기덕  ;  박창서 
 Korean Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Vol.30(1) : 63-70, 2000 
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Korean Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology(대한구강악안면방사선학회지)
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Maxillary sinus volume ; tomography ; X-ray computed ; Standard value
Purpose: To propose a standard value for the maxillary sinus volume of a normal Korean adult by measuring the width and height of the sinus and analyzing their correlation and the difference of the sinus size respectively between sexes, and on the right and left sides. Materials and Methods: Fifty-two (95 maxillary sinuses) out of 20 years or over aged patients who had taken CT in the Department of Dental Radiology, Yonsei University, Dental Hospital, between February 1997 and July 1999 who were no specific symptom, prominent bony septa, pathosis, clinical asymmetry and history of surgery in the maxillary sinus were retrospectively analyzed. Results: The mean transverse width, antero-posterior width, height and volume of the normal Korean adult's maxillary sinuses were 28.33 mm, 39.69 mm, 46.60 mm and 21.90 cm³, respectively. There was a significant sex difference in the sinus volume (p>0.05). In the mean antero-posterior width, height and volume of the sinus, no significant difference was observed between both sides. All four measurements showed a significant correlation between both sides (p>0.0001). The widths and height of the sinus all showed a significant correlation with the sinus volume (p>0.0001). Conclusion : In the Korean normal adult's maxillary sinus, males tended to be larger than females. Except for the transverse width, all of the measurements showed no significant difference between the right and left side, but significant correlations in the four measurements between both sides were observed. Thus, the overgrowth or undergrowth in the unilateral maxillary sinus may suggest a certain pathosis or developmental abnormalities in the maxillary sinus.
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