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Metal implants influence CT scan parameters leading to increased local radiation exposure: A proposal for correction techniques

 Ok kyu Song  ;  Yong Eun Chung  ;  Nieun Seo  ;  Song-Ee Baek  ;  Jin-Young Choi  ;  Mi-Suk Park  ;  Myeong-Jin Kim 
 PLoS One, Vol.14(8) : e0221692, 2019 
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 PLoS One 
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Metal implants not only deteriorate image quality, but also increase radiation exposure. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of metal hip prosthesis on absorbed radiation dose and assess the efficacy of organ dose modulation (ODM) and metal artifact reduction (MAR) protocols on dose reduction. An anthropomorphic phantom was scanned with and without bilateral metal hip prostheses, and surface and deep level radiation doses were measured at the abdomen and pelvis. Finally, the absorbed radiation doses at pelvic and abdominal cavities in the reference, ODM, and two MAR scans (Gemstone spectral imaging, GE) were compared. The Mann Whitney-U test and Kruskal-Wallis test were performed to compare the volume CT dose index (CTDIvol) and mean absorbed radiation doses. Unilateral and bilateral metal hip prostheses increased CTDIVOL by 14.4% and 30.5%, respectively. MAR protocols decreased absorbed radiation doses in the pelvis. MAR showed the most significant dose reduction in the deep pelvic cavity followed by ODM. However, MAR protocols increased absorbed radiation doses in the upper abdomen. ODM significantly reduced absorbed radiation in the pelvis and abdomen. In conclusion, metal hip implants increased radiation doses in abdominopelvic CT scans. MAR and ODM techniques reduced absorbed radiation dose in abdominopelvic CT scans with metal hip prostheses.
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