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Axonal mRNA localization and local protein synthesis in nervous system a...

Jung, Hosung ; Yoon, Byung ; Holt, Christine Nature Reviews. Neuroscience, Vol.13(5) : 308-324, 2012

Hypoxia-enhanced wound-healing function of adipose-derived stem cells: i...

Eun Young Lee ; Ying Xia ; Won-Serk Kim ; Myoung Hee Kim ; Tae Hwan Kim ; Kea... Wound Repair and Regeneration, Vol.17(4) : 540-547, 2009

Antiapoptotic and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of heat-shock protein pro...

MIDORI A. YENARI ; JIALING LIU ; ZHEN ZHENG ; ZINAIDA S. VEXLER ; JONG EUN LE... Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol.1053 : 74-83, 2005

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