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CTCF Regulates Otic Neurogenesis via Histone Modification in the Neurog1 Locus

 Jeong-Oh Shin  ;  Jong-Joo Lee  ;  Mikyoung Kim  ;  Youn Wook Chung  ;  Hyehyun Min  ;  Jae-Yoon Kim  ;  Hyoung-Pyo Kim  ;  Jinwoong Bok 
 MOLECULES AND CELLS, Vol.41(7) : 695-702, 2018 
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CTCF ; Neurog1 ; inner ear development ; neurogenesis
The inner ear is a complex sensory organ responsible for hearing and balance. Formation of the inner ear is dependent on tight regulation of spatial and temporal expression of genes that direct a series of developmental processes. Recently, epigenetic regulation has emerged as a crucial regulator of the development of various organs. However, what roles higher-order chromatin organization and its regulator molecules play in inner ear development are unclear. CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF) is a highly conserved 11-zinc finger protein that regulates the three-dimensional architecture of chromatin, and is involved in various gene regulation processes. To delineate the role of CTCF in inner ear development, the present study investigated inner ear-specific Ctcf knockout mouse embryos (Pax2-Cre; Ctcffl/fl ). The loss of Ctcf resulted in multiple defects of inner ear development and severely compromised otic neurogenesis, which was partly due to a loss of Neurog1 expression. Furthermore, reduced Neurog1 gene expression by CTCF knockdown was found to be associated with changes in histone modification at the gene's promoter, as well as its upstream enhancer. The results of the present study demonstrate that CTCF plays an essential role in otic neurogenesis by modulating histone modification in the Neurog1 locus.
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