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Clinical significance of lactate clearance for the development of early allograft dysfunction and short-term prognosis in deceased donor liver transplantation

 Deok Gie Kim  ;  Jee Youn Lee  ;  Yoon Bin Jung  ;  Seung Hwan Song  ;  Jae Geun Lee  ;  Dai Hoon Han  ;  Dong Jin Joo  ;  Man Ki Ju  ;  Gi Hong Choi  ;  Jin Sub Choi  ;  Myoung Soo Kim  ;  Soon Il Kim 
 CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION, Vol.31(12) : e13136, 2017 
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early allograft dysfunction ; lactate clearance ; liver transplantation
This retrospective study evaluated lactate clearance (LC), measured at 6, 12, 18, and 24 hours after reperfusion, as a predictor of early allograft dysfunction (EAD) and short-term outcomes in patients receiving deceased donor liver transplantation. Of 181 transplant recipients, 44 (24.3%) developed EAD and had lower LCs than those who did not develop EAD. A receiver operating characteristic analysis showed that LC determined at 6 hours showed the highest area under curve value of 0.828 (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.755-0.990) for predicting the development of EAD at a cutoff value of 25.8% with 76.7% sensitivity and 77.9% specificity. LC values that fell below the cutoff values were significantly associated with EAD in a multivariate analysis, with values at 6 hours having the highest adjusted odds ratio (11.891, 95% CI: 4.469-31.639). In-hospital and 6 month mortalities were higher in patients with LC values below the cutoffs compared with those above the cutoff values at each time point. Thus, LC calculated shortly after reperfusion of an allograft is significantly discriminative for the development of EAD and is associated with short-term prognosis after deceased donor liver transplantation.
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