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문학적 이해는 의학에 어떻게 기여할 수 있는가? -의학적 지식의 구조와 의료인의 문학적 역량

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 How can Literature contribute to Better Medical Practice: Structure of Medical Knowledge and Literary Competence of Medical Professionals 
 인문학연구, Vol.45 : 43-60, 2013 
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Clinical medicine ; literature ; suffering ; medical communication
Modern medicine is criticized for its incompetence to cope with human suffering of patient, which is the essential experience of medical care. This incompetence does not stem from professionals’ ethos, but from the knowledge structure of modern medicine. In this essay deals with three issues. First the nature of suffering that a person experience that leads him/her to seek medical care, and the role of communication plays in this care. Second, modern medicine loses the possibilities of communication by corrupting the communication to methods of information gathering, while seek to organize the communication in medical understanding. Third, the way literary understanding can contribute to ameliorating this incompetence of modern medicine. This opens the possibilities of communication between literary and medicine.
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