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시뮬레이션 기반 응급상황 대처교육이 병동 간호사의 지식과 임상수행능력에 미치는 효과

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 Effects of Simulation-based Emergency Management Education on Nurses’ knowledge and Clinical Performance 
 최지영  ;  이혜정  ;  박주연  ;  최미옥  ;  김은성 
 Evidence and Nursing (근거와 간호), Vol.3(1) : 26-32, 2015 
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Evidence and Nursing(근거와 간호)
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Simulation-based education ; Knowledge ; Clinical performance ability
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of simulation-based emergency management education on
knowledge and clinical performance ability among nurses. Methods: This study used a nonequivalent control group pre and
post-experiment design. Forty nurses were randomly assigned to either the simulation-based education group or the lecturebased
education group. Subjects in experimental group participated in the respiratory distress scenario simulation followed by
debriefing and subjects in control group received a 20-minute lecture related adult respiratory distress management provided
by education nurse. Knowledge and clinical performance ability of nurses were measured using a questionnaire developed for
this study. Results: There were no significant differences in two groups in terms of knowledge and clinical performance ability.
However, both groups showed a significant increase in clinical performance ability after each educations provided (p<.001,
p<.001, respectively). Conclusion: This study showed that both simulation-based education and lecture-based education are
useful for nurses to improve clinical performance ability regarding respiratory distress emergency situation management.
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Yonsei Authors
Kim, Eun Sung(김은성)
Park, Ju Yoon(박주연)
Lee, Hyejung(이혜정) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9357-0640
Choi , Mee Ok(최미옥)
Choi, Ji Young(최지영)
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