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공무원인 119 구급대원의 직무수행과 관련하여 발생할 수 있는 민형사상 책임과 그에 따른 법적 보호를 위한 대책에 관한 연구

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 A Study on Civil and Criminal Liabilities of 119 Rescue and Its Legal Protection 
 배현아  ;  윤순영  ;  정구영  ;  이경환  ;  김찬웅 
 Fire Science and engineering (한국화재소방학회논문지), Vol.19(2) : 45-62, 2005 
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 Fire Science and engineering (한국화재소방학회논문지) 
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This thesis has defined the legal status of 119 rescue who plays a major role in the Korean prehospital emergency medical system and reviewed the various issues that may occur depending on work related legal liabilities. As a result, the purpose of this study was to represent the countermeasures for legal protection of 119 rescue required for the quality improvement of prehospital emergency medical system and as well as the countermeasures for risk management prepared for its related lawsuits. The legal liabilities of 119 rescue officers can be divided largely into public law liabilities and civil and criminal liabilities. In order to decrease the incidences of legal problems and provide the legal protection to rescue officers, the liability of supervising physician should be emphasized when the emergency medical practice is performed by a rescue officer under their supervision by consolidating medical control and the rescue officer should have legal liability on his emergency medical practice. itself Also, the emergency medical service guideline for 119 rescue officers should be prepared and their works should be performed according to such a guideline and procedures. In addition, the accurate legal documentation on emergency medical system from on-site to ER and related mobilization should be framed and preserved. Moreover, it is required to enact a new law such as the Good Samaritan Act or the Rescue Officers Protection Act.
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