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이미지 스트리밍 기술을 이용한 웹 기반 3차원 의료영상 시스템의 구현과 성능평가

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 Performance Test of Web Based 3D Medical Image System using Image Streaming Technique 
 기재홍  ;  유선국  ;  김용욱  ;  최귀원 
 Journal of Korean Society of Medical Informatics (대한의료정보학회지), Vol.11(4) : 391-398, 2005 
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Journal of Korean Society of Medical Informatics(대한의료정보학회지)
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3D Medical Image ; Image Streaming ; Web ; Windows Media Video 9 Codec
3D Medical Image ; Image Streaming ; Web ; Windows Media Video 9 Codec
Objective: It is still the important subject that 3D visualizing of medical images to help patient diagnose. There were many challenges for fast 3D visualization but it has some limitations that volume rendering without high price’s hardware and software. Some techniques through the web were suggested to construct high quality’s 3D visualization even though it was an only poor personal computer. This technique could share the volume rendering board and diagnose 3D images together. However there are some problems to construct web based 3D visualization. These are network delay, optimized visualization and security etc. The purpose of this paper was to visualize and control the 3D medical image having a high quality on the web.
Methods: To construct this system, we used mainly three tools which were VolumePro1000 board, WMV9(Windows Media Video 9 Codec) and socket functions based on TCP(Transmission Control Protocol). VolumePro1000 board could calculate quickly heavy matrixes of 3D images using phong’s shading and shear-warp factorization. WMV9 was able to compress efficiently live images and to apply image streaming technique. Socket functions based on TCP transmitted messages to control the 3D images.
Results: We developed 3D visualization system and evaluated about image qualities and transmission conditions of different compression rates on unfixed network condition.
Conclusion: It was big advantages that WMV9 encoder could decode automatically in many platforms(desk top, PDA, notebook, cellular phone, etc) without installing specific decoding programs if they only have Windows Media player. We expect 3D visualization system to be utilized various biomedical fields such as IIGS(Interactive Image Guided Surgery), CAD(Computer Aided Diagnosis) and Tele-medicine technologies.
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