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BCL2-like 11(BIM) intron 2 deletion polymorphism is a common property in the Korean non-small cell lung cancer which may attribute to chemosensitivity

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Introduction: BCL2-Like 11(BIM), which encodes a BH3-only protein, is one ofmajor pro-apoptotic molecules that facilitate cell death. We hypothesized thatBIM deletion polymorphism increases lung cancer risk and predicts poorprognosis in non-small lung cancer (NSCLC) patients in Korean population.Materials and Methods: 450 lung cancer patients and age, gender, smokingstatus matched 450 control subjects were prospectively enrolled from Feb. 2013to Apr. 2014. The presence of 2,903-bp genomic DNA deletion polymorphismin intron 2 of BIM were analyzed by PCR and validated by sequencing. Oddratio was calculated using Chi square test, survival analysis was done withKaplan-Meier plots.Results: Sixty-nine out of 450 (15.3%) lung cancer patients revealed a BIMdeletion polymorphism whereas 66 out of 450 (14.7%) control subjects showedpolymorphism. The odd ratio for the association of BIM deletion polymorphismand lung cancer was 1.054 (95% CI, 0.371 to 1.519, p=0.852). When a total of406 NSCLC patients were categorized according to the presence ofpolymorphism status, there was no difference in the age, gender, histologic type and stage between subjects with and without polymorphism. On clinicaloutcomes, BIM deletion polymorphism presented shorter overall survival (OS)and progression free survival (PFS) than wild type in 339 NSCLC patients whoreceived treatment including curative surgery and platinum doubletchemotherapy (OS; 33.9 months vs 42.8 months (p = 0.790), PFS; 24.1 monthsvs 44.5 months (p = 0.500)).Conclusion: Our results indicate that BIM deletion polymorphism is a commonfinding in Korean NSCLC and may attribute to poor clinical outcome. Longterm follow-up may require concluding this finding.
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