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결핵균 자동염색기의 개발 및 평가

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 Development and Evaluation of an Automated Stainer for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 
 김수찬  ;  강승일  ;  김승철  ;  황정호  ;  김성녕  ;  김영  ;  조상래  ;  김덕원  ;  송선대 
 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research (의공학회지), Vol.23(3) : 235-241, 2002 
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Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
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Tubercle bacilli(TB) ; Acid-fast staining ; Ziehl-Neelsen method ; Automated Stainer ; Heating function
The detection of tubercle bacilli (TB) from sputum smear is one of the fast and inexpensive methods for diagnosis of tuberculosis. For this method. sputum smears are usually flexed by heating and stained by acid-fast staining method, and then examined under an optical microscope. Two Procedures are commonly used fur TB staining. One is hot staining and the other is cold staining method. The Ziehl-Neelsen method which is a hot staining method is widely used in Korea because its stained color is more vivid However, the conventional automated stainer has to fix the sputum smear on a slide manually and the stain is not so vivid because it has not heating function. In an effort to save labor and minimize variations in manual staining Procedure. we developed an automated stainer with heating function. The entire staining process is fully automated. from fixation to final washing and drying. With the automated methods, five slides can be flexed and stained in 21 minutes at consistent high quality We compared the concordance rate between the two methods for 91 sputum samples to validate the stain quality of the developed automated stainer. As the results, the concordant rate between the two methods was 95% and there was no significant difference (p>0.05)
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