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Laminin modified infection-preventing collagen membrane containing silver sulfardiazine-hyaluronan microparticles

 Jong Eun Lee  ;  Jong Chul Park  ;  Kwang Hoon Lee  ;  Sang Ho Oh  ;  Hwal Suh 
 Artificial Organs, Vol.26(6) : 521-528, 2002 
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 Artificial Organs 
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The newly developed laminin modified infection-preventing collagen membrane consists of a 3 component laminate, comprising 2 outer collagen layers and a central laminin layer. The 2 outer collagen layers (dense and porous layers) were fabricated by air-drying and freeze drying, respectively, and the laminin layer was formed by a straightforward liquid coating method. In addition, hyaluronan based microparticles containing silver sulfadiazine (AgSD) were incorporated into the 2 collagen layers (AgSD content 50 μg/cm2). Laminin coated collagen surfaces did not promote fibroblast attachment but showed a retarded fibroblast proliferation rate and an increased rate of collagen synthesis versus pure collagen surfaces. In an animal study, a laminin coating on a nonmedicated collagen membrane significantly increased both wound size reduction and vessel proliferation 7 days after application versus polyurethane film. Interestingly, the laminin coated AgSD medicated collagen membrane demonstrated higher wound size reduction and vessel proliferation and lower inflammation than the polyurethane control, suggesting that the laminin AgSD medicated collagen membrane substantially improves dermal wound healing.
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