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연구개 열창의 비외과적 처치술

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 Non surgical treatment of soft palate laceration 
 채규호  ;  최병재  ;  최형준  ;  손흥규 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (대한소아치과학회지), Vol.29(3) : 450-454, 2002 
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Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
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Soft palate laceration ; Non-surgical treatment ; Neurologic complications
Laceration of soft palate and oropharynx is relatively common in children. Soft palate laceration has been reported patients of all ages, ranging from new born to geriatric patients. However, young children often place objects their mouth, they may fall on the object or receive a direct force on the object which then perforates the soft palate tissue. Most frequently affected site is the left supra-tonsillar area. Lesions are predominately in the soft palate with-out perforation. Linear and superficial wounds are frequent. A typical injury is the flat- U-, or V-shaped with apex directed anteriorly. In those cases without any through-and-through lacerations or any tissue loss, suture is not necessary. Furthermore, suture of the affected site may hinder wound healing. Healing of the wound should be complete by three weeks with minimal scarring. There have been reports of carotid artery injury due to soft palate laceration causing neurologic complications. For such reasons, traumatized child must be in close observation for 2-3days, and if symptoms of complication are noticed consultation with oromaxillofacial surgeons, E.N.T., or neurologist is required. These are two reports of boys 2 and 3 years of age who had soft palate laceration caused by a falling-down-in jury with an object in their mouth. They were treated non-surgically and neurologic evaluation was carried out for 1 week with complete healing.
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