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 Quality Change of Garlic during Storage by Stem and Root Cutting Treatments 
 김종훈  ;  김진주  ;  정진웅  ;  이호준  ;  김재능 
 Korean Journal of Food Preservation (한국식품저장유통학회지), Vol.9(4) : 362-368, 2002 
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 Korean Journal of Food Preservation (한국식품저장유통학회지) 
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Garlic ; cutting treatments ; storage
Physicochemical properties of garlic bulb during storage with different cutting treatments were estimated. Garlic harvested in early June was used in this experiments. Various physicochemical factors of garlic bulb such as weight loss rate, rotten rate, sprouting rate, moisture content, reducing sugar content and total pyruvate content were investigated. Bulbs with roots, bulb without roots and bulb with stem length of l cm, 3 cm, 5 cm were stored at 2°C for eight months. The weight loss increased sharply after 8 months for all treatments. Weight loss occurred most severely in treated garlics with bulbs with 5 cm stem length and progressed steadily at low rates in bulbs with 1 cm stem length. Also, less decay and internal sprouting were observed in bulbs with 1 cm stem length. Cutting treatments of roots were not significant for internal sprouting. Incidence of other chemical properties of bulbs, contents of total sugar, reducing sugar and pyruvic acid were not significant statistically. Moisture contents of treated garlics was remarkably reduced in longer leaving stems. As a result, top-clipped leaving stems fur long, seemed to have a beneficial effect on physicochemical properties of garlic stored at 2°C for 8 months possibly due to reduced weight loss, rotten decaying and sprouting rates. Utilization of such results in the processing industry can be effective.
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