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다중 검출 나선형 CT

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 Multidetector Row Computed Tomography 
 Journal of the Korean Medical Association (대한의사협회지), Vol.46(12) : 1107~1116, 2003 
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 Journal of the Korean Medical Association  (대한의사협회지) 
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The computed tomography (CT) technology has recently leaped with the advent of the multidetector row technique since the introduction of spiral CT. The most important advantages of multidetector spiral CT (MDCT) are its rapid scan speed and the increased zaxis spatial resolution. MDCT permits selection of high resolution for isometric imaging in any imaging planes, long coverage of study volume, or decreased scan time for clinical purposes and needs. The most widely applied clinical indication of MDCT is CT angiography. MDCT makes a dynamic study or multiphase study easier and more reliable. Combination of isometric imaging in any anatomic planes, CT angiography, multiphase dynamic study, 2or 3dimensional image reconstruction has made radiologic diagnoses more accurate and has provided more useful information for preoperative surgical design and educational purposes. The combined increase of temporal resolution (200 msec) opens the era of cardiac imaging. With its inherent contrast resolution, coronary CT angiogram can reveal atherosclerotic changes of the arterial wall as well as the degree of luminal narrowing. MDCT has provided new opportunities for medical imaging and will expand rapidly with further clinical applications.
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