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Type II 상아질형성부전증의 임상 증례

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 김지현  ;  이제호  ;  최병재  ;  이종갑 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (대한소아치과학회지), Vol.28(4) : 654-660, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (대한소아치과학회지) 
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상아질형성부전증 ; 변색 ; 구근상치관 ; 치수강 폐쇄
Dentinogenesis imperfecta is an example of an inheritable dentinal defect originating during the histodifferentiation stage of tooth development, with involvement of the primary and permanent teeth. Shields, Bixler and El-Kafrawy proposed three types of Dentinogenesis imperfecta : Type I, II, III. Witkop reported a prevalence of 1 in 8000 with the trait, and no significant difference between male and female. Affected teeth have red-brown discoloration often with distinctive wearness of occlusal surface of posterior teeth and incisal surface of anterior teeth. Once enamel seperated from underlying defective dentin, the dentin demonstrates significantly acclerated attrision. Radiographically, the teeth have thin roots, bulbous crown, cervical constriction, and obliteration of the root canals and pulp chambers. In primary dentition periapical lesions or multiple root fractures are often observed. In successive generations the phenotypes of discoloration and wearness of teeth occurred, and one of the patient's subships, 10 year-old sister, showed general discoloration of her teeth and mild wearness. In this case, a 4 year-old male reported to the Yonsei University Pedodontics clinic, with a chief complaint of discolored teeth. The teeth showed generally yellowish-brown discoloration and moderate wearness. In radiographic features, obliteration of pulp, bulbous crown, and short roots were observed. It was diagnosed as Dentinogenesis imperfecta. The posterior teeth were restored with Stainless Steel Crown, and defective incisors including left upper primary central incisor which was extracted due to a root fracture with Open-faced Stainless Steel crown.
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