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유방암의 뇌 전이 : 임상 및 방사선학적 소견

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 Brain Metastasis of Breast Cancer: Clinical and Radiologic Findings 
 안진경  ;  오기근  ;  정태섭  ;  김은경 
 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지), Vol.45(1) : 87-93, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지) 
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Breast neoplasms ; Brain neoplasms ; metastasis
Purpose: To analyse the clinical and radiologic findings of brain metastasis of breast cancer. Materiars and Methods: Sixty-one of 1399 patients in whom breast cancer was diagnosed between 1983 and 1999 were affected by brain metastasis. Among these 1399, the stage of the breast cancer, in descending order of frequency, was IIA (n=508),I(n=366), IIB (n=247), IIIA (n= 189), IIIB (n=45),0 (n=33) and IV(n= 11) The stage of the 61 brain metastases, similarly ordered, was IIB (12.5%), IIA (3.9%), IIIA (3.1%), IIIB (2.2%) and I (0.8%) In all confirmed breast cancers, the age distribution, in descending order of frequency, was 40-49years (n= 610), 50-59 (n= 301), 30-39 In=2911, 60-69 (n= 124), 20-29 (n=41), 70-79 (n=28), and 80-89 (n=4). The age distribution of brain metastasis was 20-29 (14.6%), 30-39 (7.9%),50-59 (4.6%),40-49 I(2.6%) and 60-69 (l.6%). Imaging findings were available for 35 of the 61 patients affected by brain metastasis, and symptoms from brain among the 35, analysis of the symptoms of this metastasis, the site of the first distant metastasis to an extracranial or cranial organ, the interval from the diagnosis of breast cancer to brain metastasis, the interval from brain metastasis to death, and the difference in survival time between patients with iiitial and succeeding brain metastasis was undertaken. Brain CT findings were analysed in 29 cases and MRI findings in eight. Results: The most common symptoms were headache and vomiting. Among the 35 brain metastasis patients for whom imaging findings were available, other systemic metastasis occurred in 22. Initial brain metastasis occurred in the remaining 13, and in seven of these there was also coincident organ metastasis, while six showed only brain metastasis. The most frequent intervals from the diagnosis of breast cancer to brain metastasis were 1-2 years(8/35) and 2-3years(8/35). Twenty-six of 35 patients died within one year of brain metastasis. Patients in whom this occurred later survived for longer than those in whom it occurred initially.
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