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산모의 모유수유 적응과 모유 내 면역물질에 영향을 미치는심리사회적 요인

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 Maternal Psychosocial Factors that Affect Breastfeeding Adaptation and Immune Substances in Human Milk 
 김은숙  ;  정미조  ;  김수  ;  신현아  ;  이향규  ;  신가영  ;  한지희 
 Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing, Vol.20(1) : 14-28, 2014 
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Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing(여성건강간호학회지)
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Breastfeeding ; Human milk ; Adaptive behavior ; Immunologic factors ; Psychosocial factors
Purpose : This study was to identify relationships of maternal psychosocial factors including mother's mood state, childcare stress, social support and sleep satisfaction with breastfeeding adaptation and immune substances in breast milk, especially secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) and transforming growth factor-beta 2 (TGF-β2).

Methods : Data were collected from 84 mothers who delivered full-term infants by natural childbirth. Structured questionnaires and breast milk were collected at 2~4 days and 6 weeks postpartum. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation, multiple linear regression, and generalized estimating equation (GEE).

Results : Scores for the breastfeeding adaptation scale were significantly related with child care stress, mood state and social support. Mother's anger was positively correlated with the level of sIgA in colostrum (p<.01). Immune substances of breastmilk was significantly influenced by time for milk collection (p<.001) and the type of breastfeeding (sIgA, p<.001, TGF-β2, p=.003). Regression analysis showed that breastfeeding adaptation could be explained 59.1% by the type of breastfeeding, childcare stress, the Profile of Mood States, emotional support and sleep quality (F=16.67, p<.001).

Conclusion : The findings from this study provide important concepts of breastfeeding adaptation program and explanation of psychosocial factors by immune substances in breast milk. Future research, specially, bio-maker research on breast milk should focus on the ways to improve breastfeeding adaptation.
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