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Development and evaluation of video discharge eduation program focusing on mother-infant interaction for mothers of premature infants 미숙아 어머니를 위한 모아상호작용 중심의 동영상 퇴원 교육 프로그램의 개발 및 평가

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The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate a video discharge education program focused on mother-infant interaction for mothers of premature infants. The content of the program is based on Mercer’s (1995) ‘becoming a mother’ theory. Video production employed the process of Network-Based Instructional System Design (NBISD) model. In this study, video is used for teaching methods to apply video modeling directly affect and enhance the factors of the micro system introduced in Mercer’s (1995) theory, which is capable of ultimately promoting a becoming a mother. Also, video education is appropriated for mothers since it give role model. For the contents development, needs and concerns of mothers of premature infants and existing literatures were analyzed. Based on these results, the scenario was developed, and video was produced. Produced video was evaluated twice by the expert group and modified. The expert group composed with, 4 nurse educators, 1 head nurse at NICU, NICU nurses who have experience 5 years more, 24 pediatric nurses in advanced nurse practitioner course, and 6 mothers of premature infants. The group participated in evaluation of content validity, scenario development, and evaluation of final video production. The final video has two parts and lasts 20 miniutes. The first part focuses on mother-infant interaction, characteristics, states, and signals of premature infants and the second part focuses on health management of infants. Eleven mothers of premature infants participated in the final operation and evaluation of the video education. The operation lasted 40-60 minutes; video viewing followed by question and answer sessions. The participants evaluated that the program using video is appropriate as a teaching method and education contents, especially contents on mother-infant interaction, maternal sensitivity, and maternal role confidence beneficial. Since there are not many video materials to promote maternal-premature infant interaction, it is strongly suggested to use the video at practical setting. Also, long term effects of early maternal-premature infant interaction need to be studied.
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