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정상한국인에 대한 cortisone glucose tolerance test

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 Cortisone glucose tolerance test in normal Koreans 
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[영문] The apparent increased incidence of diabetes in recent years may be related either to changing dietary habits or to better diagnostic methods combined with increased diagnostic efforts of physicians. The purpose of earlier detection of diabetes is to find means of improving its treatment or, better, of preventing its development. For us, the cortisone glucose tolerance test is a research tool. Since Kendall(1940) had synthesized cortisone, Sprague, Mason and Power(1949) reported the production of diabetic glucose tolerance curves in normal people after cortisone which has been rapidly returned to normal carbohydrate tolerance upon cessation of cortisone administration. Faj?? and Conn(1954) firstly introduced the cortisone glucose tolerance test for the purpose of detecting mile carbohydrate intolerance, unrecognisable by standard glucose tolerance testing. Jackson(1955), West(1960) and Sander(1961) and Sander(1961) have indicated that a positive cortisone glucose tolerance test is found with greater frequency in older people than in younger ones. Posefsky at al(1965) reported than in each age group blood sugar levels revealed significant increment 60 minutes after cortisone glucose tolerance test. Although many investigators reported normal values of blood sugar level after the cortisone administration, there were no available datas in Korea. We perform cortisone glucose tolerance test in 59 healthy persons, measured by Folin-Wu method. The mean values of blood sugar in fasting and one hour, two hours after cortisone glucose tolerance test were 99.92±14.89 mg%, 182.30±44.52 mg%, and 140.07±36.60 mg% respectively. It had statistically high significance, compared with the mean values of blood sugar in the performance of standard oral glucose tolerance test(p 0.001). In there different age group (young, middle and old age group) we are to observe increasing blood sugar level 30 minutes after cortisone glucose tolerance test with advancing age. With the results of this study, it is concluded that cortisone glucose tolerance test is more sensitive than standard oral glucose tolerance test and there are increasing blood sugar level with increasing age.
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