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자연기흉에 대한 고산소요법의 효과에 관한 연구

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 (A) study on the effect of high-oxygen inhalation for treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax 
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종래에 자연기흉의 치료방법으로 내과적인 안정요법 및 천자요법과 외과적인 폐쇄성개흉술, 시험개흉술등이 알려져 왔으나, 내과적요법은 치료기간이 길어진다는 단점이 있고, 외적적요법은 환자에게 신체적인 고통과 경제적인 부담을 줄 수 있다는 단점이 있다.

저자는 내과적요법인 고산소단독요법 및 천자고산소겸용요법을 시행함으로써 환자의 고통을 경감시키고 경제적인 부담을 줄일 수 있으며 외과적요법 만큼 효과적인 치료결과를 얻었다.

치료기간은 고산소요법군이 9.3일, 천자고산소겸용요법군이 7.1일, 폐쇄성개흉술군이 8.0이로서 외과적인 치료방법 못지않게 내과적인 치료방법에서 좋은 효과를 얻었다.


There have been many therapeutic methods for spontaneous pneumothorax. Medical treatments included bed rest and aspiration, and surgical treatments included closed drainage and open thoracotomy. Twenty four cases of spontaneous pneumothorax

in the absence of the underlying pulmonary disease admitted to Severance Hospital from January 1976 to September 1977 were reviewed.

The present study was undertaken to investigate the relationship among high oxygen therapy, aspiration-high oxygen therapy and closed drainage. The mean durations of the full expansion of pneumothorax were 9.3 days in high oxygen therapy group, 7.1 days in aspiration-high oxygen therapy group and 8 days in closed drainage group.

High oxygen therapy, aspiration-high oxygen therapy were as good as closed drainage in the spontaneous pneumothorax without underlying pulmonary disease.
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