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 (A) clinical study on tubal sterilization 
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[영문] A clinical analysis has been made on 931 cases of tubal sterilization which were ween at the Department of obstetrics and Gynecology, Yonsei University Medical Center from Jan. 1, 1965 to Dec. 31, 1972. The results are as follows: 1. 931 cases of tubal sterilization were performed. Among them, 88.4% were abdominal procedures and the remaining 11.6% were vaginal procedures. 2. The main indications(motivations)for tubal aterilization were as follows: multiparity only 50.8% gynecological indication accompanying multiparity 31.4% obstetrical indication accompanying multiparity 16.3% medical indication 1.5% 3. For recent 8 years, annual number of tubal sterilized patients has been increasing as well as the incidence of puerperal sterilization, buy average age of tubal sterilized patients tended to be lowered with the decreased number of their living children. According to the sex ratio of their living children(male:female=129:100), the number of male had a slightly higher preponderance for having tubal sterilization. 4. Average age of tubal sterilized patients was 33.1 years. Average numbers of gravidity, parity, living children and induced abortion were respectively 5.3, 3.5, 3.2, and 1.6. 5. Considering the shortest average postoperative hospital day(3.3days) and the lowest morbidity rate(3.7%) as compared with those of the other abdominal and vaginal sterilizations, the postpartum tubal sterilization was the most convenient method, and it was performed usually on postpartum 1st day. 6. General anesthesia was performed in the majority of cases. 7. Among 931 tubal sterilizations, there was one failure in vaginal tubal sterilization. Failure rate was 0.1%.
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