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악성 임파종의 감마선(60Co) 치료성적에 관한 고찰

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 Treatment of malignant lymphoma with cobalt-60 
 Dept. of Radiology (영상의학교실) 
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An analysis of 50 patients with malignant lymphoma treated by Co-60 teletherapy is presented.

Histologic classification was done as Hodgkin's disease, reticulum cell sarcoma, lymphosarcoma, and giant follicular lymphoma.

Treatment scheme was made extended field treatment and adjuvant chemotherapy after determination of clinical staging.

Treatment field was determined using simulator including Waldeyer's ring in case of neck extension, mantle field in case of mediastinum involvement and inverted Y shape in case of pelvic and paraaortic involvement.

The total tumor does was set to 5000 to 6000 rads in case of reticulum cell sarcoma, 4000 rads to 5000 rads in other cases and treated five times per week with daily fraction dose of 200 rads.


1. The age incidence was most prevalent in 3rd to 5th decade.

2. Thirty three cases were male and seventeen cases were female.

3. Reticulum-cell sarcoma was 42%, Lymphosarcoma 30%, Hodgkin's 16%, Giant Follicular lymphoma was 2%.

4. Clinical staging follows as; stage Ⅰ was 44%, stage Ⅱ 22%, stage Ⅲ 24% and stage Ⅳ 10%.

5. The main symtom was palpable mass on one side of the neck.

6. The Hb and WBC count was decreased somewhat proportionally relating to the field sizes and delivered doses.

7. Among 50 patients, dead patient was 16, where longest survival month was 29 month who was in stage Ⅰ and 7 patients was alived more than 1 year. Crude 2 year survival rate was 15.6% and 1 year survival rate was 46.8%.

8. The relative longest survival was the one who had received extended field treatment and adjuvant chemotherapy.

9. There was no great difference in survival month between reticulum cell sarcoma and lymphosarcoma.
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