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113mIn을 이용한 정상인 및 간질환 예에 있어서의 혈량에 관한 연구

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[영문] Among the quantitative methods of bloods examination, red-cell count and hematocrit determination have been frequently used. However, Berlin et al. (1952) suggested that the red-cell counts had often been misleading and the determination of the volume had been of great importance in the handling of major medical and surgical problems. Since the original description of in vitro red-cell labelling with radioactive 32p (Hahn and Hevesy, 1940), there have been a number of reports on the determination of the blood volume by diffusible substances. Wochner et al.(1970) developed a simple and accurate new method to estimate plasma volume with the use of the initial distribution space of Indium-113m-transferrin. Based on this fact, the author estimated plasma volume using 113m in labelling technique in healthy men and patients with liver disease who were admitted to the Medical Department of Severance Hospital, Yonsei University. There have been a few reports on blood volume with the use of 113m In but no available data in Korea concerned with the normal male group and pathological states such as liver disease including hepatoma, hepatitis and cirrhosis. In this study, the mean value of the plasma volume per Kg of body weight was 45.3±6.1 ml in normal controls, 58.1±8.8 ml in patients with liver cirrhosis, 60.7±4.2 ml in hepatoma and 40.5±4.3 ml in hepatiiitis. The mean plasma volumes in patients with cirrhosis and hepatoma were significantly higher than the controls(p<0.05).
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