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한국건강인의 심도자법(心導子法)에 의한 심장혈역학적 정상치

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 Normal cardiohemodynamic values in healthy Korean as determined by cardiac catheterization 
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[영문] Cardiac catheterization of the right heart was first carried out in man by Foressmann in 1929. It is now a recognized and accepted procedure and has proved its great value both as a research tool in cardiovascular physiology and as diagnostic aid in certain type of heart disease. The purpose of this report was the normal cardiohemodynamic values of the right heart in ten normal subjects by cardiac catheterization. The right heart catheterization was performed as usual manner and cardiac output was also determined by Fick's method. The following results were obtained: 1. The right atrial mean pressure was 3.8 (2.2 - 6.78) mmHg, right ventricular pressure was 24.6 (20.0 - 29.5) mmHg in systole, 5.8 mmHg in end-diastole. Pulmonary artery pressure was 24.6 (20.0 - 29.5) mmHg in systole, 7.2 (6.9 -13.0) mmHg in diastole and mean pressure was 13.4 (12.7 - 15.0) mmHg. Mean pulmonary wedge pressure was 8.2 (4.0 - 11.2) mmHg. 2. The oxygen contents in right heart showed that pulmonary artery was 12.31 vols%, right ventricular outflow and inflow were 12.32 vols% and 12.30 vols% respectively, right atrium was 12.26 vols%, superior and inferior vena cava were 12.22 vols% and 12.24 vols% respectively, Artrial oxygen content was 16.91 vols%. 3. Cardiac output was 4.7 ± 0.8 L/min and cardiac index was 3.2 L/min/M**2.
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