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The influences of β-glucan associated with BMP-7 on MC3T3-E1 proliferation and osteogenic differentiation

 D.H. Lee  ;  Dong Wook Han  ;  Jong Chul Park  ;  Kazufumi Tsubaki  ;  M. Aihara  ;  K. Takatori  ;  Hyun Sook Baek  ;  B.J. Park 
 Key Engineering Materials, Vol.288~289 : 241-244, 2005 
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 Key Engineering Materials 
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Alkaline Phosphatase ; Bone Mineralization ; Bone Morphogenetic Protein ; MC3T3-E1 Cell ; Osteoblast ; β-Glucan
Alkaline Phosphatase ; Bone Mineralization ; Bone Morphogenetic Protein ; MC3T3-E1 Cell ; Osteoblast ; β-Glucan
b-glucan, an immunomodulator, can selectively enhance the immunobiological activities of neutrophils and macrophages without stimulating proinflammatory cytokine production. Biologic response modifiers, like beta-glucan, will modulate immunity, modify neoplastic disease and increase resistance to microbial challenge. Therefore, beta-glucan polymers can be applied in bone induction and regeneration model and have a possibility of association with bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) because of tissue-regenerative and antimicrobial effects of those polymers. In this report, we studied an E. coli expression system for BMP-7 production and the biological activities of b-glucan associated with BMP-7. The proliferation of MC3T3-E1 osteoblastic cells was enhanced by treatment with Aureobasidium b-glucan, while neither mushroom b-glucan nor barley b-glucan increased the cell proliferation. Mushroom b-glucan alone or associated with BMP-7 increased alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity of MC3T3-E1 cells, one of the osteoblast phenotype markers, but the other b-glucans did not affect ALP activity of the cells. In mineralization assay, a highly significant increase in nodular staining was observed in cultures treated with both mushroom and Aureobasidium b-glucans in the presence of BMP-7 compared with nontreated controls, while barley b-glucan showed a significant decrease in nodule number compared with cultures treated only with BMP-7.
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