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남성성악가의 vocal register transition(passaggio)시 공기역학적 변화와 EGG의 변화 연구

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 Analysis of Phonatory Aerodynamic & E.G.G. during Passaggio of the Trained Male Singers 
 남도현  ;  최성희  ;  최홍식  ;  최재남 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지), Vol.15(1) : 21-26, 2004 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지) 
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Passaggio ; F0 ; Closed Quotient ; Mean flow rate ; Intensity ; Subglottal pressure
Vocal Register Transition(Passaggio) is one of the most important vocal technique for classically trined male singers(tenor). Passaggio is that it bridges the chest register to head register without a noticeable voice break. Vocalist gest the feeling that voice is not locked a particular register. The purpose of this study was to clarify the difference between easy($B_3$) tone and non passaggio(F#_4$) & passaggio(F#_4$). We selected 6 trained singers(tenor), who had more than 12.6 years of experience and were well trained in passaggio technique. Simulataneous measurement was performed frequency(F0), mean flow rate(MFR), intensity(I), and subglottal pressure(Psub) using a phonatory function analyzer(Nagashima) and Closed Quotient(CQ), Jitter, Shimmer, NHR a Electro-glottography(EGG) of Lx. Speech Studio(Laryngogrph Lt, London, UK) and vocal efficiency was calculated by Carroll’s method. For the tenor, target tone/a/was measured in three conditions : 1) easy phonation : $B_3$, 2) high tone without passaggio : F#_4$, 3) high tone with passaggio : F#_4$). The results revealed that F0 of the target tones between non-passaggio group and passaggio group were not significantly different though higher is F0, higher is subglottal pressure. And also CQ, MFR, Psub were increased in passagio than nonpssagio but these values were not statistically different. This study concluded that passaggio is the vocal technique to make the same quality of tone between chest register and head register in tenor.
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Nam, Do Hyun(남도현)
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