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 The Effect of pH on the Fibroblast Growth 
 김영석  ;  황용석  ;  노태석  ;  유원민  ;  탁관철 
 Journal of Korean Society for Imaging Science and Technology (한국화상학회지), Vol.11(1) : 22-26, 2008 
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Journal of Korean Society for Imaging Science and Technology(한국화상학회지)
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Fibroblast ; Growth ; pH ; Acidosis ; Alkalosis ; Thymidylate synthase
Purpose: Fibroblasts are exposed to an acidotic or alkalotic environment in a variety of pathological and physiological conditions. However, the effect of pH changes on fibroblast is still largely unknown, and it was evaluated in the present study using thymidylate synthase activity and cell count.
Methods: NIH3T3-mouse fibroblasts were used in this study. Fibroblasts were divided into 5 groups in 6-well plate and fibroblasts (2×10^5^ cells in each) were grown in 37℃ 5% CO₂, DMEM and 10% FBS culture media for 4 days. Each well was controlled in the condition of either acidosis or alkalosis (pH 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0). To evaluate the effect of acidosis or alkalosis, cell survival rate and thymidylate synthase (TS) catalytic ratio were used.
Results: Mouse fibroblasts showed highest survival rate in pH 7.5 (neutral condition) and the survival rate decreased in both high and low pH. But, the survival rate decreased more profoundly in alkalotic condition. TS catalytic activity ratio showed various changes in either low pH or high pH through the time interval. More significant changes of TS catalytic activity ratio were observed in the high pH.
Conclusion: These results show that acidosis and alkalosis inhibit fibroblast proliferation and TS catalytic activity shows similar pattern in low pH but paradoxical changes in high pH because of the cell protective mechanism.
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