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소아 사립체 질환에서 시각 유발전위검사의 유용성

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 Visually evoked potential in children with mitochondrial respiratory chain defects 
 송지은  ;  김혜민  ;  이상철  ;  박윤길  ;  변석호  ;  이영목  ;  이준수  ;  김흥동 
 Korean Journal of Pediatrics, Vol.52(4) : 471-475, 2009 
Journal Title
 Korean Journal of Pediatrics 
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Mitochondria ; Child ; Eye ; Evoked Potentials ; Visual
PURPOSE: Mitochondrial disorders are a clinical entity characterized by diverse symptoms and signs of involvement of various systems. Furthermore, the disorders are known to show ophthalmologic manifestations as well as neurological findings. Visually evoked potential is a sensitive measure to check the integrity of the visual pathway. In this study, we have investigated the value of visually evoked potential in mitochondrial disorders with respiratory chain defects. METHODS: Nineteen patients diagnosed with mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I defect as confirmed by spectrophotometric enzyme assay in muscle samples were enrolled for this study. The patients underwent a visually evoked potential study. We classified the results into four groups and compared these with clinical ophthalmologic findings. RESULTS: Among the 19 patients, 14 showed abnormal visually evoked potential findings. Seven patients showed abnormal clinical ophthalmologic findings. All patients with abnormal ophthalmologic findings showed abnormal visually evoked potential findings. Among the 12 patients with normal ophthalmologic findings, seven showed abnormal results in visually evoked potential. CONCLUSION: Visually evoked potential study could be used as an effective screening tool for mitochondrial disorders to detect ophthalmologic and neurological abnormalities
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