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엄지손가락과 첫째손샅의 등쪽 동맥분포

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 Anatomy of the Blood Supply of Dorsal Side of Thumb and First Web 
 곽현호  ;  허미선  ;  양헌무  ;  원성윤  ;  박봉수  ;  허경석  ;  김희진 
 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지), Vol.23(3) : 125-131, 2010 
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 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지) 
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Radial artery ; First dorsal metacarpal artery ; Dorso-ulnar thumb branch ; Dorso-radial index branch ; Arterial flap
Distal thumb injuries are a common and difficult problem for hand surgeons. Coverage of soft tissue on the fingers may be difficult due to the size of the defect or the limitation of local flap mobilization. However, the variable anatomy of the dorsal hand vascular system sometimes prevents successful flap harvest. The purpose of this study was to clarify the vascular anatomy of the dorsal side of the thumb and the first web for the flaps. Twenty six hands (13 right and 13 left hands) from Korean embalmed cadavers were dissected. A catheter was inserted into the radial artery in the forearm, and the red colored latex (Latex 671, Dupont Industry, France) was injected until the dorsum of the hand was colored. The arrangement of the first dorsal metacarpal artery (FDMA) and its branches were vary and classified into three categories according to their branching patterns; Both dorso-ulnar thumb branch (DUTB) and dorso-radial index branch (DRIB) arose from the FDMA (10 cases, 38.5%). Each DUTB and DRIB arose separately from the radial artery (5 cases, 19.2%). The DUTB and the DRIB originated from the princeps pollicis artery and the radial artery, respectively (11 cases, 42.3%). The typical course of the FDMA and its branches ran overlying the first dorsal interosseous muscle in 17 cases of the 26 specimens (65.4%). However, in nine cases (34.6%) the DRIB ran on the first dorsal interosseous muscle and the DUTB had a deep course within the substance of the first dorsal interosseous muscle. The FDMA flap represents a good option to cover defects for the thumb. These anatomical findings in the present study could provide useful knowledge of flaps for dorsal aspect of the thumb and the first web
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