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군 성교육지도자 양성을 위한 에이즈 교육 효과

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 AIDS education for training gender education instructor in Korean military 
 최동필  ;  김현창  ;  김창수  ;  허남욱 
 Journal of Vocational Education Research (직업교육연구), Vol.29(2) : 305-321, 2010 
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 Journal of Vocational Education Research (직업교육연구) 
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Gender Education Instructor in Militry ; Gender Education ; AIDS ; Educational Effect
It is known that the poor knowledge on HIV/AIDS is supposed to make poor attitude on person with HIV/AIDS (PWA). Unfair discrimination to the PWA is critical in a group life, such as military service in Korea. This study was investigated to explore the effect of an HIV/AIDS education program for newly trained gender education instructor in Korean military. Questionnaires were composed as knowledge on AIDS, attitudes on PWA and attitudes on AIDS and safety. Before-after test was used to evaluate the effect of education. To avoid the bias from learning effect, the questionnaires were deigned to seal the section of the responds before the education, by each respondent. Total 2244 candidates of future gender education instructor were participated in education. Response rate was 62.5% (n=1403), and the subjects for analysis were l,042 people who has no missing variables for demographic factors. Related to the knowledge on AIDS, the percentage of correct answer were high as over 80% before education. After the education, 3 items showed statistically significant increasing of correct answer proportion. However, the percentage was less than 60% for `Kissing with a PWA`. And incorrect answer was increased for `Sharing injection needles which washed in a bleach or alcohol`. Attitudes on PWA were changed positively after the education, and the results were all statistically significant. However, the `Yes` answer for `common use to razors or nail clippers with PWV` was increased improperly, so precise contents and education skill is needed. No prior gender education experienced person showed negative attitudes on PWA. After the education, the attitudes were similar in all groups, according to the prior gender education experience. It supposes the effect on gender education for formation proper attitudes on PWA, following precise knowledge. It is needed that the standardization of education contents before the education to avoid confusion.
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