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Kim, Hyeon Chang [김현창]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Preventive Medicine (예방의학교실)
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2022Association Between Social Network and Cognitive Function: A Cross-Sectional Assessment From the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Etiology Research Center Cohort (2013-2018) FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY
2022Cardiovascular Implications of the 2021 KDIGO Blood Pressure Guideline for Adults With Chronic Kidney DiseaseJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY
2022Sex-Specific Trends in the Prevalence of Hypertension and the Number of People With Hypertension: Analysis of the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 1998-2018 KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2022Effect of a Boarding Restriction Protocol on Emergency Department Crowding YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2022Ideal cardiovascular health duration and risk of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular diseaseHEART
2022Association between Ultra-processed Food Consumption and Dietary Intake and Diet Quality in Korean Adults JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS
2022Nationwide Survey for Current Status of Laboratory Diagnosis of Clostridioides difficile Infection in Korea JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2022Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease Increases Colon Cancer Risk: A Nationwide Cohort Study CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL GASTROENTEROLOGY
2022Association between CHADS 2, CHA 2 DS 2-VASc, ATRIA, and Essen Stroke Risk Scores and Unsuccessful Recanalization after Endovascular Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2022Consumption of Ultra-Processed Food and Blood Pressure in Korean Adults KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Changes in Clinical Characteristics among Febrile Patients Visiting the Emergency Department before and after the COVID-19 Outbreak YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2021Association between psychological resilience and cognitive function in older adults: effect modification by inflammatory status GEROSCIENCE
2021Sex- and Age-Specific Trends in Cardiovascular Health in Korea, 2007-2018 KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Late eating, blood pressure control, and cardiometabolic risk factors among adults with hypertension: results from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010-2018 EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2021The effects of information-seeking behaviours on prevention behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic: the mediating effects of anxiety and fear in Korea EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2021Gestational diabetes mellitus and the role of intercurrent type 2 diabetes on long-term risk of cardiovascular events SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Annual incidence and prevalence of obesity in childhood and young adulthood based on a 30-year longitudinal population-based cohort study in Korea: the Kangwha studyANNALS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2021Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Nationwide Cohort StudyCLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY
2021On-Treatment Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Adults With Hypertension and Left Ventricular HypertrophyJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY
2021Worldwide trends in hypertension prevalence and progress in treatment and control from 1990 to 2019: a pooled analysis of 1201 population-representative studies with 104 million participants LANCET
2021Air pollution and risk of hospital outpatient visits for eczematous skin disorders in metropolitan cities of South KoreaBRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY
2021Impact of COVID-19 on mental health according to prior depression status: A mental health survey of community prospective cohort data JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH
2021Depressive subfactors and cognitive function in midlife JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS
2021Bone Radiomics Score Derived From DXA Hip Images Enhances Hip Fracture Prediction in Older WomenJOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH
2021Modifiable Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Korea and Japan KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Association Between Nocturnal Blood Pressure Dipping and Chronic Kidney Disease Among Patients With Controlled Office Blood PressureAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION
2021Association between social network structure and physical activity in middle-aged Korean adultsSOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE
2021Association between socioeconomic status and longitudinal sleep quality patterns mediated by depressive symptoms SLEEP
2021Deep neural network for automatic volumetric segmentation of whole-body CT images for body composition assessment CLINICAL NUTRITION
2021Protective effect of controlled blood pressure on risk of dementia in low-risk, grade 1 hypertensionJOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION
2021Association Between Parity and Low Bone Density Among Postmenopausal Korean Women Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2021Association between physical activity and inflammatory markers in community-dwelling, middle-aged adultsAPPLIED PHYSIOLOGY NUTRITION AND METABOLISM
2021Exploring the associations between cardiovascular health measured with the CANHEART model and early cognitive impairment in a middle-aged population in Korea EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2021Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Hypertension Screening in the Korea National Health Screening Program KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Associations of Ideal Cardiovascular Health and Its Change During Young Adulthood With Premature Cardiovascular Events: A Nationwide Cohort StudyCIRCULATION
2021Association between sleep duration and augmentation index in post-menopausal women: A moderating role of depressive symptomsMATURITAS
2021The association between psychological resilience and cognitive function in longitudinal data: Results from the community follow-up surveyJOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS
2021노인의 저작기능과 인지장애의 관련성 Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Health(대한구강보건학회지)
2021Stressful life events and serum triglyceride levels: the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Etiology Research Center cohort in Korea EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2021Korea Heart Disease Fact Sheet 2020: Analysis of Nationwide Data KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Immediate and Long-Term Outcomes of Reperfusion Therapy in Patients With CancerSTROKE
2021Computed Tomography-Derived Skeletal Muscle Radiodensity Predicts Peak Weight-Corrected Jump Power in Older Adults: The Korean Urban Rural Elderly (KURE) StudyCALCIFIED TISSUE INTERNATIONAL
2021Deep-learning-based cardiovascular risk stratification using coronary artery calcium scores predicted from retinal photographs LANCET DIGITAL HEALTH
2021Dyslipidemia Fact Sheets in Korea 2020: an Analysis of Nationwide Population-based Data Journal of Lipid and Atherosclerosis
2021Correlates of psychological resilience and risk: Prospective associations of self-reported and relative resilience with Connor-Davidson resilience scale, heart rate variability, and mental health indices BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR
2021Association Between Timing of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Clinical Outcomes in Refractory Cardiogenic ShockJACC-CARDIOVASCULAR INTERVENTIONS
2021The diagnostic value of phase angle, an integrative bioelectrical marker, for identifying individuals with dysmobility syndrome: the Korean Urban-Rural Elderly studyOSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL
2021Gender role stereotypes, patriarchal attitudes, and cognitive function in the elderly rural Korean population: a cross-sectional study EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2021Thirty-six Year Trends in Mortality from Diseases of Circulatory System in Korea KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL
2021Impact of Smoking in Survivors from Acute Myocardial Infarction KOREAN CIRCULATION JOURNAL