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변천성 [Byun, Chun Sung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery

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2015Complications of Central Venous Totally Implantable Access Port: Internal jugular versus subclavian access 변천성Article
2012Clinical outcomes and prognosis of recurrent thymoma management김대준, 배미경, 변천성, 양우익, 이진구, 정경영Article
2012Ectopic pancreas with hemorrhagic cystic change in the anterior mediastinum 김현기, 변천성Article
2012Changes in the demographics and prognoses of patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer: a 20-year experience at a single institution in Korea 김대준, 배미경, 변천성, 이진구, 이창영, 정경영Article
2012Clinical outcomes and prognostic factors for surgically resected second primary lung cancer김대준, 배미경, 변천성, 이진구, 이창영, 정경영Article
2011Prognostic effect of stromal lymphocyte infiltration in thymic carcinoma김대준, 박인규, 배미경, 변천성, 심효섭, 이진구, 이창영, 정경영Article
2011Immediate Postoperative Care in the General Thoracic Ward Is Safe for Low-risk Patients after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer 박성용, 배미경, 변천성, 이창영Article
2010폐 이식 수술 후 발생한 농흉의 수술적 치료 백효채, 변천성, 이두연, 함석진Article
2010Preoperative indexed left ventricular dimensions to predict early recovery of left ventricular function after aortic valve replacement for chronic aortic regurgitation 변천성, 유경종, 이삭, 장병철, 조상호Article