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박화미 [Park, Wha Me]
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Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) - Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원)

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2018Radon and PM10 concentrations in underground parking lots and subway stations with health risks in South Korea박화미Article
2018Levels of formaldehyde and TVOCs and influential factors of 100 underground station environments from 2013 to 2015노재훈, 박화미Article
2018Evaluation of PM10, CO2, airborne bacteria, TVOCs, and formaldehyde in facilities for susceptible populations in South Korea노재훈, 박화미Article
2018Reducing the risk of particulate matter containing asbestos using a high-efficiency, low-differential pressure system노재훈, 박화미Article
2018Factors affecting ambient endotoxin and particulate matter concentrations around air vents of subway stations in South Korea박화미Article
2018Comparison of the relative performance efficiencies of melt-blown and glass fiber filter media for managing fine particles노재훈, 박화미Article
2018Radon and NO2 levels and related environmental factors in 100 underground subway platforms over two-year period박화미Article
2018Improvement in the prevention of asbestos fibre release from ceiling materials by increasing the penetration of a silicate stabilizer through dilution박화미Article
2017Characteristics of PM10 and CO2 concentrations on 100 underground subway station platforms in 2014 and 2015박화미Article
2017Indoor air quality of daycare centers in Seoul, Korea박화미Article