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박종태 [Park, Jong Tae]
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Research Institutes - Human Identification Research Center

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2013Realization of Masticatory Movement by 3-Dimensional Simulation of the Temporomandibular Joint and the Masticatory Muscles김희진, 박종태, 원성윤, 이상희, 이재기, 차정열
2013Accuracy of miniscrew surgical guides assessed from cone-beam computed tomography and digital models김지영, 김희진, 박종태, 유형석, 차정열, 황충주
2012Medial muscular band of the orbicularis oculi muscle김희진, 박종태, 이재기, 허경석
2012Morphology of the zygomaticus minor and its relationship with the orbicularis oculi muscle김희진, 박동수, 박종태
2012Odontogenic ameloblasts-associated protein (ODAM), via phosphorylation by bone morphogenetic protein receptor type IB (BMPR-IB), is implicated in ameloblast differentiation박종태
2011A piezoelectric motor-based microactuator-generated distractor for continuous jaw bone distraction김희진, 박종태, 이재기, 차정열, 허경석
2011Clinical and anatomical approach using Sihler's staining technique (whole mount nerve stain). 김다혜, 김희진, 박종태, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석