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박영창 [Park, Young Chang]
Department :
College of Medicine - Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2018불안정성 대퇴골 전자간 골절에서 골수강외 정복(Extramedullary Reduction)의 효과: 사체를 이용한 생역학적 연구 박영창, 양규현Article
2017Paget's Disease: Skeletal Manifestations and Effect of Bisphosphonates 강호, 박영창, 양규현Article
2017다발성 부전골절을 동반한 종양성 골연화증 - 증례 보고 - 박영창, 서준오, 양규현Article
2017Removal of a broken trigen intertan intertrochanteric antegrade nail김성민, 박영창, 안해모수, 양규현Article
2017Intramedullary Nailing for Atypical Femoral Fracture with Excessive Anterolateral Bowing박영창, 양규현Article
2016A blocking-wire technique for removal of a broken hollow intramedullary nail.강동현, 박영창, 석상옥, 양규현, 윤여권Article
2016제2-3기 주상골 불유합 진행성 붕괴의 관혈적 무두나사 고정 및 자가 장골 이식술 치료 강호정, 고일현, 김지섭, 박영창, 최윤락Article
2016Plate augmentation and autologous bone grafting after intramedullary nailing for challenging femoral bone defects: a technical note박영창, 양규현Article