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조형원 [Cho, Hyoung Won]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Surgery (외과학교실)

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2011The ratio of intra-tumoral regulatory T cells (Foxp3+)/helper T cells (CD4+) is a prognostic factor and associated with recurrence pattern in gastric cardia cancer.김상용, 김충배, 김형일, 송기준, 조형원, 형우진Article
2010중환자에서 생체전기 임피던스 분석의 임상적 적용김경식, 김성훈, 김충배, 김형일, 이재길, 조형원Article
2010Surgical outcome of left colon interposition for esophageal reconstruction김충배, 김형일, 조형원Article