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조현지 [Cho, Hyun Ji]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Neurology

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2016Comprehensive code stroke program to reduce reperfusion delay for in-hospital stroke patients김영대, 남효석, 백장현, 송동범, 양재훈, 유준상, 이기정, 정요한, 조한진, 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2012The frequency and risk of preclinical coronary artery disease detected using multichannel cardiac computed tomography in patients with ischemic stroke.김영대, 김진권, 남정모, 남효석, 양재훈, 이동현, 이혜선, 장양수, 조현지, 차명진, 최동훈, 최병욱, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2011The different infarct patterns between adulthood-onset and childhood-onset moyamoya disease김동석, 김영대, 남효석, 정요한, 조현지, 허지회Article
2011Failure of complete recanalization is associated with poor outcome after cardioembolic stroke.김영대, 남정모, 남효석, 이경열, 조현지, 차명진, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2010A computerized in-hospital alert system for thrombolysis in acute stroke 김영대, 남효석, 조현지, 차명진, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2010Increasing frequency and burden of cerebral artery atherosclerosis in Korean stroke patients 김영대, 남정모, 남효석, 조현지, 차명진, 최혜연, 한상원, 허지회Article
2010Systemic atherosclerosis in patients with perforating artery territorial infarction김영대, 남효석, 양재훈, 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2009Characteristics and the fate of intraluminal thrombus of the intracranial and extracranial cerebral arteries in acute ischemic stroke patients김동준, 김승민, 안성환, 예병석, 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2009Comparison of the characteristics for in-hospital and out-of-hospital ischaemic strokes김승민, 김영대, 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2008위장관 내시경 시행 중 발생한 대뇌공기색전증 조현지, 허지회Article
2007Teaching NeuroImages Bilateral cerebellar infarction in dominant superior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries김동준, 예병석, 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2007Carotid-subclavian steal phenomenon조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2007Lenticulostriate-medullary artery anastomoses in moyamoya disease조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article
2007심방세동 발견에 있어 뇌졸중 치료실의 유용성 조현지, 최혜연, 허지회Article