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전덕희 [Chun, Duk Hee]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

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2015The Effects of Oral Atenolol or Enalapril Premedication on Blood Loss and Hypotensive Anesthesia in Orthognathic Surgery 김나영, 배선준, 유영철, 전덕희, 정영수Article
2010Subarachnoid and intraventricular hemorrhage due to ruptured aneurysm after combined spinal-epidural anesthesia 신양식, 전덕희Article
2009Peri-operative oral triiodothyronine replacement therapy to prevent postoperative low triiodothyronine state following valvular heart surgery.곽영란, 김종찬, 심재광, 전덕희, 최용선, 홍성욱Article
2009Stabilized infective endocarditis and altered heparin responsiveness during cardiopulmonary bypass곽영란, 김대희, 나성원, 심재광, 전덕희, 홍성욱Article
2009Predictors of ineffectual radial arterial pressure monitoring in valvular heart surgery곽영란, 김종찬, 심재광, 전덕희, 최용선, 홍성욱Article
2009Effects of early vital capacity maneuver on respiratory variables during multivessel off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery.곽영란, 심재광, 이지연, 전덕희, 최용선, 홍성욱Article
2009Relationship between echocardiographic index of ventricular filling pressure and intraoperative haemodynamic changes during off-pump coronary bypass surgery. 곽영란, 심재광, 전덕희, 최용선, 홍성욱Article
2009A randomized, clinical trial of frozen versus standard nasogastric tube placement신양식, 전덕희Article
2008항혈소판제제에 노출된 체외순환 없는 관상동맥우회술을 시행받는 환자에서 hydroxyethyl starch 용액과 정질액 정주가 출혈량과 수혈량에 미치는 영향 곽영란, 방서욱, 안소운, 이종화, 전덕희Article
2008Significance of the injection timing of ephedrine to reduce the onset time of rocuronium권태동, 신양식, 전덕희, 한동우Article
2008하지 관절 성형술을 받은 환자에서 전신 합병질환의 추이 신양식, 이기영, 전덕희Article
2008Epidural sufentanil provides better analgesia from 24 h after surgery compared with epidural fentanyl in children길혜금, 김지영, 전덕희, 조장은Article
2008Effect of ramosetron on patient-controlled analgesia related nausea and vomiting after spine surgery in highly susceptible patients: comparison with ondansetron.곽영란, 심재광, 윤도흠, 이지연, 전덕희, 최용선Article
2005Hepatic resection by the Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical AspiratorⓇ increases the incidence and severity of venous air embolism구본녀, 길혜금, 김지영, 전덕희, 최진섭, 홍용우Article