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2011Topographic relationship between the medial intermuscular septum and the ulnar nerve in the upper arm김승민, 원형선, 정인혁Article
2010Topographic variations of the optic chiasm and the foramen diaphragma sellae김선호, 원형선, 정인혁Article
2010Topography of the third portion of the maxillary artery via the transantral approach in Asians김희진, 정인혁, 허경석Article
2009An anatomic variation of the trapezius muscle in a Korean: the cleido-occipitalis cervicalis 곽현호, 김희진, 박현도, 윤관현, 정인혁Article
2009Origin of the radial nerve branch innervating the brachialis muscle원형선, 이규석, 정인혁Article
2009Morphologic variations of the prostatic utricle김장환, 원형선, 정인혁Article
2009Anatomic variation of the innervation of the flexor digitorum profundus muscle and its clinical implications김승민, 원형선, 이규석, 정인혁Article
2007Cutaneous Distribution of Zygomaticofacial Nerve정인혁Article
2007Relation of mental nerve with mandibular branch of the facial nerve정인혁Article
2007Chronic Tibiofibular Syndesmosis Injury of Ankle: Evaluation with Contrast-enhanced Fat-suppressed 5D Fast Spoiled Gradient-recalled Acquisition in the Steady State MR Imaging김성준, 서진석, 송호택, 이성아, 이종은, 이진우, 정인혁, 허용민Article
2007한국인 대동맥 근부의 해부학적 구조 정인혁Article
2006Cutaneous perforators of the forearm: Anatomic study for clinical application정인혁Article
2006Surgical anatomy of the middle turbinate김경수, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 이혜연, 정인혁Article
2006The Relationship of Capsulopalpebral Fascia With Orbital Septum of the Lower Eyelid: An Anatomic Study Under Magnification정인혁Article
2006Anatomic variations of the infraorbital fat compartment정인혁Article
2006Anatomic Variations and MRI of the Intermalleolar Ligament서진석, 정인혁Article
2006손뒤침근 부위에서 깊은노신경의 죄임증후군과 관련된 국소해부학적 변이정인혁Article
2006Innervation of Upper Orbicularis Oris Muscle정인혁Article
2005Course of the Masseteric Nerve in Masseter Muscle정인혁Article
2005Vulnerability of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve and Mental Nerve During Genioplasty: An Anatomic Study정인혁Article
2005Submental perforating artery: A culprit of bleeding during facelift정인혁Article
2005Horizontal Branch of the Supraorbital Nerve and Temporal Branch of the Facial Nerve정인혁Article
2005Cutaneous Sensory Branch of the Mylohyoid Nerve정인혁Article
2005Quantitative anatomical and morphological classification of the iliac vessels anterior to the lumbosacral vertebrae정인혁Article
2005Cutaneous perforators of the upper arm and clinical applications정인혁Article
2005An anatomic study of the Martin-Gruber anastomosis: Electrodiagnostic implications정인혁Article
2005Interrelated Buccal Fat Pad With Facial Buccal Branches and Parotid Duct정인혁Article
2005Anatomy of superficial thoracic artery related to subpectoral augmentation mammoplasty정인혁Article
2005Hypothenar Flap Based on A Cutaneous Perforator Branch of The Ulnar Artery: An Anatomic Study정인혁Article
2005Zygomaticomandibularis Muscle정인혁Article
2004Innervation of the corrugator supercilii muscle정인혁Article
2004The lateral cutaneous branch of the fourth intercostal nerve relating to transaxillary augmentation mammoplasty정인혁Article
2004Zygomaticotemporal nerve passage in the orbit and temporal area정인혁Article
2004A split ostectomy of mandibular body and angle reduction정인혁Article
2004Innervation of the temporalis muscle for selective electrical denervation정인혁Article
2004Pattern of the temporal branch of the facial nerve in the upper orbicularis oculi muscle정인혁Article
2004Selective Neurectomy of the Masseteric Nerve in Masseter Hypertrophy정인혁Article
2004A Cadaveric Analysis of the Ideal Costal Cartilage Graft for Asian Rhinoplasty정인혁Article
2004Topographic anatomy of the lingual nerve and variations in communication pattern of the mandibular nerve branches김희진, 정인혁, 허경석Article
2004Cutaneous Distribution of Infraorbital Nerve정인혁Article
2004Clinical implications of topographic anatomy on the ganglion impar 정인혁Article
2003Morphologic study on the rootlets comprising the root of the intermediate nerve정인혁Article
2003Topographical anatomy on the communicating branch between the spinal accessory nerve and the anterior root of the first cervical nerve정인혁Article
2003Innervation of calf muscles in relation to calf reduction정인혁Article
2003Morphological Study on the Acetabular Labrum 정인혁Article
2003Branching patterns and symemetry of the course of the facial artery in Koreans김희진, 정인혁Article
2003Lateral septoaponeurotic artery: source of bleeding in blepharoplasty performed in Asians정인혁Article
2002한국인 갑상샘의 형태변이 정인혁Article
2002Expression of MUC1 on Corneal Endothelium of Human.김응권, 서경률, 정인혁Article
2002한국인 위팔근에 분포하는 노신경 근육가지 정인혁Article