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Lee, Yu Kyung [이유경]
Department :
College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Pathology (병리학교실)

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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2020Energy transfer from adipocytes to cancer cells in breast cancerNEOPLASMA
2017Expression of DNA methylation-related proteins in breast phyllodes tumor INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY
2016Expression of sarcosine-metabolizing enzymes in thyroid cancer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY
2016Expression of CAF-Related Proteins Is Associated with Histologic Grade of Breast Phyllodes Tumor DISEASE MARKERS
2016Expression of glutamine metabolism-related proteins in thyroid cancer ONCOTARGET
2016Proteome analysis of adrenal cortical tumorsEXPERT REVIEW OF PROTEOMICS
2016Expression of PD-L1 in triple-negative breast cancer based on different immunohistochemical antibodies. JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
2016Differential expression of the epigenetic methylation-related protein DNMT1 by breast cancer molecular subtype and stromal histology JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
2016Expression of lipid metabolism-related proteins in breast phyllodes tumors.NEOPLASMA
2016The potential of Beclin 1 as a therapeutic target for the treatment of breast cancer.EXPERT OPINION ON THERAPEUTIC TARGETS
2015Expression of cancer-associated fibroblast-related proteins in adipose stroma of breast cancerTUMOR BIOLOGY
2015Adipocytes can induce epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cellsBREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT
2015Differential expression of lipid metabolism-related proteins in different breast cancer subtypes PLOS ONE