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이승렬 [Lee, Seung Ryeol]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Urology

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2012Longitudinal Stone Diameter on Coronal Reconstruction of Computed Tomography as a Predictor of Ureteral Stone Expulsion in Medical Expulsive Therapy박동수, 이승렬, 전황균, 최영득article
2010Overactive bladder is not only overactive but also hypersensitive김장환, 이승렬article
2010Increased urinary nerve growth factor as a predictor of persistent detrusor overactivity after bladder outlet obstruction relief in a rat model.김장환, 이승렬, 최영득, 홍창희article
2010The feasibility of solo-surgeon living donor nephrectomy: initial experience using video-assisted minilaparotomy surgery.양승철, 이승렬, 이용승, 전황균, 정우주, 한웅규article
2009Transutricular seminal vesiculoscopy in hematospermia: technical considerations and outcomes김장환, 나군호, 양승철, 이승렬, 한웅규article
2009혈정증 및 불임을 동반한 정낭낭종에 대한 경소낭 정낭 내시경술을 이용한 치료나군호, 양승철, 이승렬, 전황균, 정우주, 한웅규article
2009병리학적 T0 병기 전립선암의 병리학적 특성과 예후 김원태, 이승렬, 최영득, 함원식article
2008돼지 모델에서 제대부 자연개구부내시경수술을 이용한 복강경 신적출술나군호, 이승렬, 전황균, 정우주, 한웅규article