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이문규 [Lee, Moon Kyu]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Neurology
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2014A newly discovered LGI1 mutation in Korean family with autosomal dominant lateral temporal lobe epilepsy김도의, 김소원, 이문규, 이민구, 이병인, 이지현, 조양제, 허경
2014Nonconvulsive status epilepticus manifesting as full-blown psychosis during pregnancy김도의, 이문규, 이병인, 조양제, 허경
2012Reflex epilepsy induced by playing Go-stop or Baduk games이문규, 이병인, 조양제, 허경
2012The localizing and lateralizing value of auras in lesional partial epilepsy patients 이문규, 이병인, 장상현, 조양제, 허경
2012인슐린종으로 인한 과다수면과 무의식배회 이문규, 이병인, 조양제, 허경
2011Tuberculous encephalopathy without meningitis: Pathology and brain MRI findings김세훈, 김응엽, 김태승, 박무석, 박수철, 심규원, 이문규
2011Hippocampal sclerosis and encephalomalacia as prognostic factors of tuberculous meningitis-related and herpes simplex encephalitis-related epilepsy.고혜선, 김응엽, 박수철, 이문규