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이동훈 [Lee, Dong Hoon]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Urology
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2014 Prevalence and Management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Methamphetamine Abusers: An Under-Recognized Clinical Identity 구교철, 김장환, 나군호, 마상열, 이동훈, 정병하, 홍성준
2014 Unrecognized kinetics of serum testosterone: Impact on short-term androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer 구교철, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하, 홍성준, 홍창희
2014 Analysis of different tumor volume thresholds of insignificant prostate cancer and their implications for active surveillance patient selection and monitoring 최영득, 홍성준, 구교철, 나군호, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하
2013 Easily Removable Ureteral Catheters for Internal Drainage in Children: A Preliminary Report 정문수, 홍창희, 박경기, 이동훈
2013 Evaluation of the 7th American Joint Committee on Cancer TNM Staging System for Prostate Cancer in Point of Classification of Bladder Neck Invasion 정병하, 이동훈, 이승환
2013 Patent processus vaginalis in adults who underwent robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: Predictive signs of postoperative inguinal hernia in the internal inguinal floor 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하, 정하범
2013 Bladder Neck Injection of a Polydimethylsiloxane-Bulking Agent Under Pneumovesicum for Treatment of Children with Urinary Incontinence: Report of 3 Cases 이동훈, 홍창희
2013 The Establishment of K-CaP (the Multicenter Korean Prostate Cancer Database) 나군호, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하
2013 Low-risk Prostate Cancer Patients Without Visible Tumor (T1c) On Multiparametric MRI Could Qualify for Active Surveillance Candidate Even If They Did Not Meet Inclusion Criteria of Active Surveillance Protocol 구교철, 나군호, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하, 최영득, 홍성준
2013 Simplified Zero Ischemia in Robot Assisted Partial Nephrectomy: Initial Yonsei Experience 김광현, 나군호, 신태영, 오영택, 이동훈, 이주용, 임세이캣, 정대철, 최경화, 한웅규
2013 Is Small Prostate Volume a Predictor of Gleason Score Upgrading after Radical Prostatectomy? 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하
2013 Tumor Lesion Diameter on Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Could Help Predict Insignificant Prostate Cancer in Patients Eligible for Active Surveillance: Preliminary Analysis 구교철, 나군호, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하, 최영득, 홍성준
2013 Can Western Based Online Prostate Cancer Risk Calculators Be Used to Predict Prostate Cancer after Prostate Biopsy for the Korean Population? 정병하, 정하범, 이동훈, 이승환
2013 Peripheral zone prostate-specific antigen density: an effective parameter for prostate cancer prediction in men receiving 5α-reductase inhibitors 이승환, 정병하, 구교철, 이동훈
2013 Can microfocal prostate cancer be regarded as low-risk prostate cancer? 구교철, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하
2013 The Change of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Korea: 5 Year Analysis of a Single Institution 정병하, 정하범, 이동훈, 이승환, 정문수
2012 Comparison of pathological outcomes of active surveillance candidates who underwent radical prostatectomy using contemporary protocols at a high-volume Korean center 나군호, 양승철, 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하, 정하범, 최영득, 홍성준
2012 Treatment of prostatic abscess: case collection and comparison of treatment methods. 이동훈, 이승환, 정병하
2012 Practice patterns of Korean urologists for screening and managing prostate cancer according to PSA level 이동훈, 이승환, 정문수, 정병하
2011 Are Men Who Undergo Radical Prostatectomy with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms at an Increased Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer? 이동훈, 이승환, 정문수, 정병하