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노송미 [Noh, Song Mi]
Department :
College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Pathology (병리학교실)

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2015Additional Targeted Biopsy in Clinically Suspected Prostate Cancer: Prospective Randomized Comparison between Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound and Sonoelastography Guidance.고지은, 나군호, 노송미, 오영택, 정대철, 최영득, 홍성준Article
2014Expression levels of serine/glycine metabolism-related proteins in triple negative breast cancer tissues.구자승, 김도희, 노송미, 정우희Article
2014Metabolic differences in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer based on androgen receptor status.구자승, 노송미Article
2012Urinary Decoy Cell Grading and Its Clinical Implications 노송미, 임범진, 정현주Article
2012Optimal combination of immunohistochemical markers for subclassification of non-small cell lung carcinomas: A tissue microarray study of poorly differentiated areas.노송미, 심효섭Article