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2019The Fate of the Contralateral Knee in Patients With a Lateral Discoid Meniscus김성재, 김성환, 정민, 진석환, 천용민, 최종혁Article
2019An intact subscapularis tendon and compensatory teres minor hypertrophy yield lower failure rates for non-operative treatment of irreparable, massive rotator cuff tears김성재, 윤순필, 윤태환, 천용민, 최종혁Article
2019Effect of Medial Open-Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy on the Patellofemoral Joint According to Postoperative Realignment김남후, 김성재, 김성환, 윤태환, 정민, 최종혁Article
2019Biomechanical evaluation of the influence of posterolateral corner structures on cruciate ligaments forces during simulated gait and squatting 김성재, 김성환Article
2018Biomechanical influence of deficient posterolateral corner structures on knee joint kinematics: A computational study김성재, 김성환, 오상윤Article
2018Influence of knee flexion angle and transverse drill angle on creation of femoral tunnels in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using the transportal technique: Three-dimensional computed tomography simulation analysis김성재, 김성환, 엄남규, 정민, 천용민, 최종혁Article
2018Preoperative Diagnosis and Treatment Outcomes of Incarcerated Inferiorly Displaced Flap Tear of the Medial Meniscus: Comparison between Flap Tears with and without Incarcerated Fragment 김성재, 김성환, 박건보, 이동훈, 정민, 진석환, 최종혁Article
2018Optimal Condition to Create Femoral Tunnel Considering Combined Influence of Knee Flexion and Transverse Drill Angle in Anatomical Single-Bundle ACL Reconstruction Using Medial Portal Technique: 3D Simulation Study 김성재, 김성환, 정민, 최종혁Article
2018Medial Subluxation or Dislocation of the Biceps on Magnetic Resonance Arthrography Is Reliably Correlated with Concurrent Subscapularis Full-Thickness Tears Confirmed Arthroscopically 김문식, 김상호, 김성재, 이원용, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2018Arthroscopic debridement for septic arthritis of the shoulder joint: post-infectious arthritis is an inevitable consequence?김성재, 이원용, 정우석, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2018The percutaneous pie-crusting medial release during arthroscopic procedures of the medial meniscus does neither affect valgus laxity nor clinical outcome.김성재, 김성환, 정민, 정우석, 천용민, 최종혁Article
2018Concomitant coracoplasty during arthroscopic subscapularis repair does not yield better clinical outcomes and structural integrity김성재, 정민, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2018Atypical traumatic anterior shoulder instability with excessive joint laxity: recurrent shoulder subluxation without a history of dislocation 김성재, 정우석, 천용민, 최윤락, 최종혁Article
2018Clinical outcomes and structural integrity of C-shaped rotator cuff tears after arthroscopic repair: comparison with crescent-shaped tears. 김성재, 이원용, 천용민, 최윤락, 최종혁Article
2017Isolated Subscapularis Repair in Irreparable Posterosuperior Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Involving the Subscapularis Tendon김성재, 이원용, 정민, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2017Outcomes of Arthroscopic Decompression of Spinoglenoid Cysts Through a Subacromial Approach김성재, 박준영, 정민, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2016Surgical Results of Delaminated Rotator Cuff Repair Using Suture-Bridge Technique With All-Layers or Bursal Layer-Only Repair김성재, 이현희, 천용민, 최윤락Article
2016Footprint Contact Area and Interface Pressure Comparison Between the Knotless and Knot-Tying Transosseous-Equivalent Technique for Rotator Cuff Repair김성재, 김성환, 천용민Article
2015Effect of the starting point of half-pin insertion on the insertional torque of the pin at the tibia 김성재, 김성환, 천용민Article
2015Trends in receiving chemotherapy for advanced cancer patients at the end of life 김성재, 문도창, 이수현, 이희승Article
2015Characteristics of Magnetic Resonance Arthrography Findings in Traumatic Posterosuperior Rotator Cuff Tears 김성재, 오진철, 천용민Article
2015Does sequence of graft tensioning affect outcomes in combined anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions?김성재, 김성환, 김종민, 이새원, 정민Article
2014Graft seletion in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction for Smoking Patients김성재, 김성환, 정민, 최종혁Article
2014Does Anterior Laxity of the Uninjured Knee Influence Clinical Outcomes of ACL Reconstruction?김성재, 김성환, 김성훈, 이수건, 정민Article
2014Arthroscopic repair of anterosuperior rotator cuff tears: in-continuity technique vs. disruption of subscapularis-supraspinatus tear margin: comparison of clinical outcomes and structural integrity between the two techniques김성재, 이재후, 정민, 천용민Article
2014Arthroscopic Stabilization for Recurrent Shoulder Instability With Moderate Glenoid Bone Defect in Patients With Moderate to Low Functional Demand김성재, 김성환, 천용민Article
2014Effect of Cigarette Smoking on the Clinical Outcomes of ACL Reconstruction김성재, 김성환, 김성훈, 류상욱, 이수건, 정민Article
2014Arthroscopic Partial Repair of Massive Contracted Rotator Cuff Tears 김성재, 천용민Article
2013Use of Magnetic Resonance Arthrography to Compare Clinical Features and Structural Integrity After Arthroscopic Repair of Bursal Versus Articular Side Partial-Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears김성재, 김성환, 천용민Article
2013Effect of Physiological Posterolateral Rotatory Laxity on Early Results of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction김성국, 김성재, 김성환, 이인성, 한희돈Article
2013Femoral Graft-Tunnel Angles in Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Analysis with 3-Dimensional Models and Cadaveric Experiments 김성재, 김성환, 문홍교, 천용민Article
2013Arthroscopic Repair of Massive Contracted Rotator Cuff Tears: Aggressive Release with Anterior and Posterior Interval Slides Do Not Improve Cuff Healing and Integrity김성재, 김성환, 이수건, 천용민Article
2013Footprint Contact Restoration Between the Biceps-Labrum Complex and the Glenoid Rim in SLAP Repair: A Comparative Cadaveric Study Using Pressure-Sensitive Film김성재, 김성환, 이수건, 이재후, 천용민Article
2013Intertunnel Relationships in Combined Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction : An In Vivo 3-Dimensional Anatomic Study김성재, 김성환, 박관규, 최종혁Article
2013Clinical outcomes for reconstruction of the posterolateral corner and posterior cruciate ligament in injuries with mild grade 2 or less posterior translation: comparison with isolated posterolateral corner reconstruction김성재, 김성환, 김성훈, 이수건, 정민Article
2012총격에 의한 개방성 근위 상완골 골절의 치료 - 증례 보고 - 김성재, 천용민Article
2012Osteosynthesis of symptomatic nonunions of type II fractures of the distal clavicle using modified locking T-plate and bone grafting강호정, 김성재, 김형식Article
2012Risk factors for medial meniscus posterior root tear 김성재Article
2012Arthroscopic partial repair of irreparable large to massive rotator cuff tears김성재, 김승현, 이인성, 천용민Article
2012골다공증이 있는 상완골 골두의 파일럿 홀 (Pilot Hole)과 흡수성 나사못의 크기에 따른 토크 (Torque)와 뽑힘 강도 (Pullout Strength) 간의 관계 김성재, 김성환, 이영한, 천용민Article
2012Clinical comparison of conventional and remnant-preserving transtibial single-bundle posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction combined with posterolateral corner reconstruction 김성재, 김성환, 천용민, 최덕현, 황병윤Article
2012The paradoxical McMurray test for the detection of meniscal tears: an arthroscopic study of mechanisms, types, and accuracy김성재, 최덕현, 황병윤Article
2012Infrapatellar plica of the knee: revisited with MR arthrographies undertaken in the knee flexion position mimicking operative arthroscopic posture.김성재, 김성준, 서진석, 송호택, 이영한Article
2012The influence of posterolateral rotatory instability on ACL reconstruction: comparison between isolated ACL reconstruction and ACL reconstruction combined with posterolateral corner reconstruction김성재, 최덕현, 황병윤Article
2012Arthroscopic repair of concomitant type II SLAP lesions in large to massive rotator cuff tears: comparison with biceps tenotomy 김성재, 김성환, 이인성, 천용민Article
2012Magnetic resonance arthrographic dissection of posterolateral corner of the knee: revealing the meniscofibular ligament 김성재, 김성준, 서진석, 송호택, 이영한Article
2011Clinical comparisons of the anatomical reconstruction and modified biceps rerouting technique for chronic posterolateral instability combined with posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.김성재, 김슬기, 김태원, 천용민Article
2011Does physiologic posterolateral laxity influence clinical outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?김성재, 최덕현, 황병윤Article
2011Is correctional osteotomy crucial in primary varus knees undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 김성재, 김슬기, 문홍교, 장우혁, 천용민Article
2011The safe establishment of a transseptal portal in the posterior knee김성재, 문홍교, 송호택, 장우혁, 천용민Article