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강상훈 [Kang, Sang Hoon]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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2017Accuracy of 3-Dimensional Virtual Surgical Simulation Combined With Digital Teeth Alignment: A Pilot Study강상훈, 김문기, 박영철, 유형석, 최윤정Article
2014Bone Healing properties of Autoclaved Autogenous Bone Grafts lncorporating Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic protein-2 and comparison of Two Delivery Systems in a Segmental Rabbit Radius Defect 강상훈, 권현진, 김형준, 조성원, 최은주Article
2014Accuracy assessment of image-based surface meshing for volumetric computed tomography images in the craniofacial region강상훈, 김문기, 김학진, 이상휘Article
2014Orthognathic Y-splint: a CAD/CAM-engineered maxillary repositioning wafer assembly강상훈, 김문기, 이상휘Article
2014Construction and Validation of the Midsagittal Reference Plane Based on the Skull Base Symmetry for Three-dimensional Cephalometric Craniofacial Analysis강상훈, 김학진, 이상휘Article
2013The Validity of Marker Registration for an Optimal Integration Method in Mandibular Navigation Surgery강상훈, 김문기, 박원서, 이상휘Article
2010Accurate computerised mandibular simulation in orthognathic surgery: a new method for integrating the planned postoperative occlusion model강상훈, 김문기, 박원서, 이상휘Article
2009한국인에서 구강 편평세포암종의 5년 생존율 강상훈, 남웅, 류재인, 차인호Article
2009Double continuous radial forearm flap for the reconstruction of full-thickness buccal cheek defect강상훈, 남웅, 차인호Article
2008치성 각화 낭종의 술후 재발양상과 추적관찰 기간의 제안 강상훈, 남웅, 박형식, 차인호Article
2007악교정 수술후 항생제 투여의 효용성 : 술후 항생제 투여 여부에 따른 창상감염 빈도 강상훈, 이충국Article
2007악교정 수술시 술후 환자의 증상변화와 항생제 투여와의 관계 강상훈, 이충국Article