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치과 임플란트용 Ti-Ag 합금표면에 Micro-nano 구조형성

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 Micro-Nano Structure Formation on Ti-Ag Alloy for Dental Implants 
 문승균  ;  강동국  ;  김경남  ;  김광만  ;  황재선  ;  오근택  ;  주욱현 
 Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials (대한치과기재학회지), Vol.34(2) : 29-36, 2007 
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Journal of the Korean Research Society for Dental Materials(대한치과기재학회지)
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Surface topography is crucial for the short and long term success of dental implants. It is known that surface roughness in the range of 1-10 ㎛ maximizes the interlocking between the bone and the surface of the implant. On the other hand, it is reported that osseointegration is promoted on surfaces of nano-metric level because surface profiles in the nano-metric level play an important role in the adsorption of proteins. Therefore hybrid surface consisted of micro and nanopore is expected to be the new surface treatment on Ti-Ag alloy for dental implants. The titanium-silver alloy developed for biomedical applications had better mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than pure titanium. And there has been no research on surface modification of titanium-silver alloy for dental implants. Therefore, the present paper reported on the formation of hybrid surface on titanium-silver alloy. The specimens were grit-blasted to obtain micro pore on the surface. After grit-blasting, the specimens were anodized at different anodizing voltages (20, 50 and 80V) for different times (10, 20, 40 and 60 min), in 0.5% HF aqueous solution at room temperature using a DC power supply. The surface topography of titanium-silver alloy was characterized by field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM). It was believed that the topography of the hybrid surface was affected by electrochemical conditions. When titanium-silver alloy was anodized at 20 V for 1 hour, hybrid surface was uniformly formed. Therefore, it was considered that this surface treatment would be adapted cautiously to titanium-silver alloy for dental implants.
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Yonsei Authors
Kang, Dong Kuk(강동국)
Kim, Kyoung Nam(김경남)
Moon, Seung Kyun(문승균)
Joo, Uk Hyon(주욱현)
Hwang, Jae Sun(황재선)
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