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신이식 전 시행한 혈중 Soluble CD30 농도와 PRA 및 림프구 교차반응과의 상관성

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 Pre-transplant Serum Soluble CD30 Level; Correlation with Panel Reactive Antibodies and Lymphocyte Cross Matching 
 신종현  ;  장혜경  ;  김유선  ;  김순일  ;  김명수  ;  전경옥  ;  김현정  ;  안형준  ;  주만기 
 Journal of the Korean Society for Transplantation, Vol.21(1) : 63-68, 2007 
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Journal of the Korean Society for Transplantation(대한이식학회지)
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Purpose: Serum level of soluble form CD30 (sCD30), a marker for T helper 2-type cytokine-producing T cells, is used as a marker of immunologic status of pre-transplant recipient that can predict graft rejection and graft survival. This study compared pre-transplant serum sCD30 levels with conventional pre-transplant immunologic parameter, such as panel-reactive antibodies (PRA) and lymphocyte cross matching (LCM). Methods: Adult seventy two patients were enrolled this study. The blood for tests was sampled simultaneously. Measurement of serum sCD30 level was performed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit (Bender MedSystems, Co. CA, USA). We tested PRA using a commercial ELISA kit (Lambda Cell Tray Lymphocytotoxicity assay)(One Lambda Inc. CA, USA). We established LCM tests for T cells by Modified NIH (National institute center of health)/Johnson`s Method/AHG (Anti human globulin), and for B cells by warm test. Results: Mean score of sCD30 was 90.3±46.4 U/mL, ranged from 12.2 to 244.4 U/mL. There was no significant correlation between patient`s age or sex and sCD30 level. The correlation between sCD30 and mode or duration of dialysis was not statistically 63 significant clinical situation. The result of LCM didn`t show significant correlation with sCD30 level (87.3±55.7 U/mL in LCM positive group versus 91.9±41.3 U/mL in LCM negative group, P=0.696). And sCD30 level equal to or more than 86 U/mL could not predict the positive result of LCM. The positive and negative predictive value of sCD30 to LCM was merely 27.8% and 58.3% (P=0.322). Also the correlation between sCD30 level and PRA was not significant (P=1.0). Conclucion: There was no significant correlation between serum sCD30 level and conventional immunologic parameter such as PRA or LCM. That means the pre-transplant monitoring of the sCD30 level can be used as an independent immunologic parameter.
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