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A Drosophila gustatory receptor required for the responses to sucrose, glucose, and maltose identified by mRNA tagging

 Yuchen Jiao  ;  Seok Jun Moon  ;  Craig Montell 
 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol.104(35) : 14110-14115, 2007 
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 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 
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In Drosophila, detection of tastants is thought to be mediated by members of a family of 68 gustatory receptors (Grs). However, only one receptor, Gr5a, has been associated with a sugar, and it appears to be activated specifically by trehalose. It is unclear whether other sugar receptors are activated by single or multiple sugars. Currently, no Grs are known to colocalize with Gr5a. Such Grs would be candidate sugar receptors because Gr5a-expressing cells function in the responses to attractive tastants. Here we use an “mRNA tagging” approach to identify Gr RNAs that are coexpressed with Gr5a. We found that all seven Grs most related to Gr5a (Gr64a-f and Gr61a) were expressed in Gr5a-expressing cells, whereas none of the other Grs examined were enriched in these Gr neurons (GRNs). We characterized the role of one Gr5a-related receptor, Gr64a, and found that it was required for the behavioral responses to glucose, sucrose, and maltose. Gr64a was required for GRN function because action potentials induced by these sugars were dependent on expression of Gr64a in GRNs. These data demonstrate that multiple Grs are coexpressed with Gr5a and that Drosophila Gr64a is required for the responses to multiple sugars.
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